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Dear specialty coffee community here is an event dedicated to you. This is the first of three all-day events we are organizing this year at Stow Café.

Coffee Roasters Community will meet Julia Dziadevich from @fest.coffee.mission.eu !Fest is Ukrainian Green Coffee Sourcing company which directly traded coffees from Central American farmers, as well as great coffees from Colombia, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Indonesia.

What to expect:
All day cuppings with experimental fermentations with unbelievable profiles from venturesome farmers as well as classic Origin profiles.

Applay: no apply
Price: free

And that’s not all: we will organize two competitions, to make the event even more spectacular.

The “Head-2-Head” tests the barista’s ability to ”fight” against another barista. The contest consists of a direct elimination challenge between pairs of competitors, drawn by the judges jury. The baristas will have two challenges: triangular cupping & blind tasting in which they compete against each other for elimination.

Applay for competition by email: peter@stow.si
Price: 20,00€ / competitor

The “FREE DESIGN” tests the barista’s creativity and sense of innovation. Each competitors have 10 minutes to present his own free design. The barista submits a picture of his pattern to the judges and draws it. Judges assess the complexity and, above all, the similarity of the drawn pattern with the pattern in the picture provided by the barista to the judges. After last barista finished competition the judges will determinate the winner.

Applay for competition by email: peter@stow.si
Price: 20,00€ / competitor

Follow us for more information.

When: 02.06.22, 10:00 – 19:00

Where: Stow Cafe (City Museum Ljubljana), Gosposka 15, Ljubljana