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Stow Coffee Roasters / Panama – Rocky mountain 100g

Panama – Rocky mountain 100g


Flavour profile

passion fruit, mandarin, rose, cognac

An exceptional coffee that immediately impresses you. Notes of passion fruit, mandarin, cognac and rose are intertwined in the cup. Coffee has a medium full body and medium acidity.

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The Hartmann family is one of the holders of specialty coffee in Panama. Their story begins with Alois Strasil Hartmann, born in 1891 in Moravia. Alois arrived in Panama in 1912, specifically in the Volcano region. Today, all members of the family are active in Finca Hartmann. The estate consists of several smaller plots located between 1,300 and 2,000 meters above sea level, along with 100 hectares of rainforest bordering the Parque Nacional de La Amistad. One of these plots is Rocky Mountain, which belongs to one of the Hartmann brothers, Allan. Allan is responsible for processing all of Finca Hartmann’s coffees, but he only planted a variety of geisha on his Rocky Mountain estate that thrives in forest shade.

Rocosa Montana is directly called Rocky Mountain in translation. We opted for Allan coffee as it was one of the craziest coffees we have tasted this year. The peculiarity lies in the special anaerobic fermentation. Immediately after harvesting, the coffee cherries are placed in a stainless steel tank and fermented in an oxygen-free environment for eight days. The coffee is then dried on African beds until it reaches 14% humidity in about 12 days. The coffee is then placed in special dryers and slowly dried for about 6 days until the final 11.50% humidity. The result is a unique profile of taste and exceptional quality coffee, which is used by world-renowned baristas at the highest level of competitions such as the World Barista Championship.

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Naravni anaerobni

Nadmorska višina



Alana Hartmann, Rocky Mountain


volcan, panama


Kava: 20g
Voda: 320g (92°C)
Čas: 2 minuti 00 sekund